My goal in life is to further the expansion of positive energy into the world through the creatively artistic lens



The Artist

As an artist, I aspire to create music and movement, inspired by our cultural environment. By staying rooted in who I am, I strive to create meaningful art that mirrors life.


The Writer

As a writer, I aspire to create timeless pieces that speak truth to our realities, utilizing my profound storytelling and literary skill set.


The Creative

As a creative, I aspire to be boldly honest in my work and innovatively distinct in my process.

Music & Videos 


A review of (Ame-Ricana) a performance by: Italy Bianca

We see you. 8:20pm Thursday January 10th, 2019. It’s cold outside, but we’re inside. It’s warm in here. The space is filled with laughter and love and lots of it. We are greeted upon arrival with the sweet scent of eucalyptus and lavender aromas. “Hey Girl, I see you!”, “Oh hi, let’s sit together there’s a seat right next to mine”, “Yes Chile I’m EXCITED, you know Italy is about to do her thang!” We are invited to take our seats. “Thank you all so much for attending Italy Bianca’s performance of (Ame-Ricana) apart of the Gibney Presents series. A gentle reminder to please turn off your cell phones. The duration of the performance will be about an hour and we will also be having a brief 10-minute intermission between the first and second half of the show. Thank you and enjoy.” The stage is set with a chair, a rug, clothes hanging on a clothes line, a record player and a few other small artifacts. “Damn, did she say an hour?!” “Shhhh, it’s starting!”

We feel you. The piece opens with a voice over excerpt of a woman. Perhaps a mother or auntie or grandmother of sorts. Her voice is clear, to the native ear. Although her story may not be specific to each of us, we know her. She is familiar. This is the beginning of the incredibly intertwined, shared, experience Ms. Welton begins to create for us. There is a common breath of nostalgia that enters the space. The movement of the dancer compliments the words, which compliments the props, which compliments the music, which compliments the lighting, which compliments the mood, which again all compliments the dancer. The entire performance is quite balanced. Like a perfectly connected 1,000-piece puzzle. Nothing overbearing or overpowering another aspect of the show. The first half of the show closed with a sentimental, interactive demonstration of how to create one of Ms. Welton’s favorite home remedies. Reigning from the red dirt of South Carolina, Ms. Welton shared with her audience that she came from a long linage of native southern folk that were inherently born with invaluable knowledge of nature and how to utilize it to cure our bodily ailments. These remedies and methods were passed down by her Gecchie ancestors and carried out through her family today.

We hear you. The second half of the show seemed to move at a faster pace. The music selection was heart pounding and up tempo. There appeared to be a shift in the intention and motive behind the movements. Each line was clearer, each hop-skip-and jump was full of energy. Even the moments of stillness had purpose and meaning. The message was received. The performance was dedicated to Ms. Welton’s grandfather John (Jake)Press Welton, who passed just three days before the show. How she did, not sure, but she found the strength and made her Grandaddi proud, I’m sure! We see you. He sees you.





Rain turned to snow as I trotted down 8th Ave headed to see the greatest show on earth, the annual winter performance of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. “Umbrellas, five dollar umbrellas, I got blue, pink, green, anything you need”! Ignoring all the side hustlers and street vendors, racing to the 8pm curtain, I had no time for discussion even if it was rewarded with a great bargain. I worked for the Alvin Ailey Company this past summer and was gifted with 4 complimentary tickets to the show. I should have known that complimentary really meant our seats were basically past the 42nd street bus terminal where my mother’s Greyhound coach parked earlier that evening. Nonetheless, we were there. They were here. And all was well in the spirit of Dance!

Watching the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater perform was not only inspiring but also moving, encouraging, and tremendously motivating for a professional dancer such as myself. The applause began before the curtain even opened. Anticipation settled over the crowd like a descending feather. You could feel the magnetic energy through each movement of the dancer’s bodies transferring from the stage onto your own body, radiating through your skin and tingling down your spine. Each number emotes a different sentiment throughout the crowd. Pirouette, LEAP, RUN, split, JUMP, collapse, melt, sink, FLY! Seeing their bodies flow in and out, between, under and around the rhythm of the music was simply transformative.

The interaction between the dancer’s bodies played off one another like water’s ballet on a non-stick pan. The costuming flawlessly mirrored the tone of the dances. The costume of a dancer must compliment the dance, not the dancer. One of the company’s more recent pieces in their repertoire, entitled “Shelter” choreographed by Jawole Willa Jo Zollar, was created to represent the culture of homelessness in our society. The piece is accompanied by a gently spoken word performance and subtly African influenced music. The dancers were costumed in earth-toned natural colors and their hair was refreshingly untamed. The stage was lit with cool green and blue hues that cushioned the eyes of the audience. There was an attractiveness to the dance that left us yearning for more.

Tears turned to smiles as the finale number of “Rocka My Soul in the Bosom of Abraham” faded to a bittersweet end. The annual winter performance of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater was phenomenal! No amount of rain or snow or sleet or slush could have kept me from seeing the greatest show on earth. Working for the Alvin Ailey Company this past summer was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Sitting at the pinnacle peak of the balcony section in the City Center theater on W 55th street might seem like a terrible thing; However, if it’s Alvin Ailey that your seeing, trust me it’s worth it! We were there. They were here. And all was well in the spirit of Dance!


Dance Africa 2019

The Experience 


Black, Black. Black; Black’ Black: Black-Black!

Pride is the word

Power is the vibration

Culture is the vibe

Community is the feel

Art is the dance

History is the information

Food is the gift

Home is the environment

Naked is the inside

Raw is the outside

Covered are the people


 Intimate is the intention

Safe is the space

Free is the experience

Truth is the purpose

Stripped is the soul

Health is the soil

Wealth is the knowledge

Honest is the spirit

Humble is the love

Present is the mind

Homage is the momentum

Respect is the demand

We are the legacy…and…the legacy lives on










St. Lucian















Reminding us that REGARDLESS as to where our ancestors were sprinkled throughout this world we are all cut from the same beautifully hand-woven AFRIkAN cloth.



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June 2018

Venezia Extravaganza

Venice Biennale 2018

Free Space

Photographer/Videographer: Jourdan Cooper & Isaac Howland

Edited By: Jourdan Cooper